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Brand new vintage style camper

Brand new vintage style camper

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Coming Soon! April 8, 2024

We will be offering 2 Brand new camper styles. (1) Canned Ham shape (2) Toaster Shape

All of our campers will be built to last a lifetime!

Heavy duty construction from the Brand New frame up to the roof. Nothing old, everything is handcrafted in our shop to replicate the vintage style of the 1960's 

We use original equipment that was made and used in the 1960's that produced the original vintage siding designs out of aluminum just like they did in the 60's.  We don't use house or trailer home siding like some companies use that will eventually rust since that type of siding is made of steel.

We will be offering very economical pricing compared to other companies so most everyone can afford to live their dream! Save Thousands of Dollars!

Pricing is projected to start as low as $10,000!

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